Discontinuing this Blog

September 8, 2008

After long thought over the past few months, I’ve decided to discontine this blog.  Partly due to the reason, I just don’t have time to keep it going.  But the other reason, which is a big one, is, frankly, I’ve run out of original things to write and rant about regarding this team.

It started off as a funny blog…poking fun at Millen’s mishaps during the 2007 draft and beyond.  For a while it was just news.  Then I decided to post opinionated posts regarding this team.

I love the Lions, I’m not giving up on them.  But the truth of the matter is, I’ve run out of things to rant about how bad this football team is.  There is absolutely nothing I could write that we all haven’t heard the past 10 (and in some cases 50) years.  And you can really sum up every posting I’ve ever written in this one sentence: This team sucks, and will ALWAYS suck.  Nothing else I can write about can be taken as something original.  We’ve seen it all, fans.

So, on that note, thank you to everyone who came by and read this blog, and even, in some cases, posted a blog entry or replied to something that was already written.

If you would like to read more Lions blogs that are still in effect…check out WDFN’s Lions page at:


There you will find links to many blogs and keep up to date on the latest news of your favorite football team.  I recommend you especially check out the links to the best Detroit Lions insider on the planet, Tom “Killer” Kowalski.

My oven mitts are off…take care, thank you, and good luck to you all.  Go Lions!


The Ovens are BLAZING!

August 29, 2008

So the Lions finish 4-0 in Preseason.  Big deal, right?

I missed the Browns game, but wound up watching last night’s game.  It was hard to stay awake.  Watching my ceiling fan spin was more entertaining than this piece of crap.  And to see a few on the Bills get hurt?  This is nuts.  Roger Goodell, do something about this.  4 games is too many.  Sadly, there were meaningful college games on FSN and the 4 letter last night…however I couldn’t bear to turn off my Lions.  I guess my fingers are drenched in the butter.

The Lions weren’t that great last night, the Bills were just TERRIBLE!  I am glad Millen didn’t hire Dick Jauron.  I give Dick 7 weeks in Buffalo, and he’s back to Defensive Coordinating.  I know it’s the preseason, but, I’m glad I’m not a Bills fan right about now.  They could be this year’s Dolphins.  I’m sure if they lose enough games, Buffalo would be proud to export them to the SkyDo…er….Rogers Centre.


August 7, 2008


I know most fans aren’t too big on the preseason…but there’s just something about it that gets my blood pumping harder.  Perhaps it’s my hatred for the summer…(I love cold weather)…meaning a signal that fall is on its way.  There’s nothing like Michigan in Autumn.  Tonight is no big deal.  They will play the Super Bowl Champions tonight.  And while most of the starters won’t play, it’s still football.

The past several years I’ve made the mistake in trying to analyze different things during preseason games…from the crappy offensive lines, to runningbacks, to corners, etc…  But I’ve decided to just kick back and watch the game and enjoy it, no matter what happens.  Besides, you have to remember, they have to preheat the ovens before they put the bread in next month, otherwise the bread just won’t cook well on the inside.

Have fun tonight.  Happy new season!

By the way, just in case you don’t know…because there weren’t enough tickets sold for tonight’s game, the TV coverage will begin at 9pm EST, kickoff at 9:30pm EST on WWJ 62 TV.

Why not Daunte Culpepper?

July 21, 2008

Daunte CulpepperThere were rumors circulating around about the Lions being interested in Daunte Culpepper.  Among other names around the weekend have been Chris Simms and Takeo Spikes.  However, Lions insider Tom Kowalski has reported on his blog at MLive.com the Lions are NOT interested in Culpepper…and why the Lions aren’t interested has me completely dumbfounded.

I’ve never been a Jon Kitna basher.  I’ve met him in real life.  I do think that out of the NFC North, he’s the best quarterback (if you include Brett Favre’s “retirement”).  I still think he has a decent arm, and I pin a lot of the Lions’ failures in the offense to a bad offensive line.  But if you believe Jim Colletto and Kippy Brown, they will institute more 3-step dropback passes, as opposed to Martz’s 5.  This will give Kitna the opportunity to throw the ball quicker out of the pocket before he gets flattened due to another missed block.  I do believe the arrival of Gosder Cherilus and the addition of blocking Tight Ends and Fullbacks will help add to Kitna’s protection.

Kitna was sacked over 50 times last year.  Sometimes, 3 to 4 per game.  The guy is tough.  He’s been able to get up from all those hits, for the most part.  But at some point, there’s going to be a time where he doesn’t get back up.  If only for a few plays, or a few quarters.  This is why the Lions desperately need to wake up and find an experienced backp Quarterback.

Sure Daunte’s beaten up, and I do believe Randy Moss was a big reason why Culpepper was as successful as he was with the Vikings.  But, compared to other previous veteran backups the Lions have signed in the past (Ty Detmer, Jeff Garcia…to name a few) he’d be a tremendous and serviceable backup to Kitna.  Who would you rather have if Kitna goes down?  An injury prone Daunte Culpepper, or an injury prone Drew Stanton who hasn’t even taken a snap in the NFL?

Brett Favre

July 8, 2008

I know this isn’t a post about the Lions…but, I just couldn’t help it.  If you haven’t heard, Brett Favre apparently wants to play again.  He has been rumored to want to go back to Green Bay, or play for the Carolina Panthers, as it’s close to his home.

Before I get to my rant, I must state that Brett Favre is/was a great quarterback.  He will always be uttered in my mind as one of the greats.  When I think of great QB’s in my lifetime, I’ll always think of guys like Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, Steve Young, and Brett Favre.  Now that that’s out of the way..I can move on to my rant…

Being a Lions fan, I was trained subconsciously to hate anything that has to do with the Green Bay Packers, which means I despised Brett Favre.  A few years back, when Brett’s dad died, he played that night and just LIT IT UP on the field.  I stopped hating Favre at that point.  He did something I definitely couldn’t have done, and that was play football in a great time of loss.

But over the past few years, I grew sick of him again.  It partially had to do with 2 things.  I watch Monday Night Football.  John Madden was a color commentator (duh) on Monday Night Football for several years.  It seemed like every time the Packers were (or sometimes weren’t) playing on Monday Night Football, (to quote Sean Baligian) Madden had his pants down around his ankles every time Favre stepped on the field.  AND THEN Tony Kornheiser stepped into the spot and displayed his mancrush on Favre as well.  The other reason is it seemed as if the past 4 or 5 seasons we had “WILL BRETT FAVRE RETIRE THIS YEAR?” crammed down our throats!!

When Favre actually officially retired this past spring, the media made it seemed as if the world stopped turning on it’s axis and time stood still for the entire billions of Earthlings.  It was downright sick.  But I was completely relieved that I wouldn’t hear about all this Favre crap again…and life was great.  We could all move on with our lives.  I could even let the front cover of Madden NFL 2009 (the 20th Anniversary) with Favre on the cover slide a bit, just because it was to be expected by John Madden.  We all know Madden has secretly plotted in his mind for almost a decade to figure out a way to kill Deanna Favre and get away with it just so he can have his #4 all to himself.

Would we finally be able to get on with our lives and enjoy football again without Favre being crammed down our throats?  NNNNOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!   Brett changes his mind???!!!????  We’re right back where we started!!!!  I can already hear it over the next few years if Brett doesn’t come back this season….I will hear “WILL BRETT COME BACK??” by the media, by Madden, by anyone else that covers football.

I can’t help but feel for Aaron Rodgers.  This guy was drafted a few years back to take over when Favre retires.  Favre stuck around, forcing Rodgers to stay on the bench.  I’ve heard national sports radio talk, with callers calling in and stating their idiotic opinions that Rodgers is not a good Quarterback, and deserves to stay benched for Favre anyways.  HOW DO WE KNOW THAT?  Rodgers IS unproven, because he hasn’t been given the opportunity to prove much of anything!  And what defeats these idiotic callers’ opinion is the one time Rodgers did step in he threw for 200 yards with 0 (I repeat: 0) interceptions against the playoff bound Dallas Cowboys in 2007, only because Favre got injured.  This was supposed to be Aaron’s year where we find out whether or not the Packers made a good move in the 2005 NFL Draft and that Thursday night game wasn’t a fluke to his ability.

Favre, you’re going to be a legend amongst Packer fans.  You’ll be a Hall of Famer, you have a Super Bowl ring.  You’ll be a legend as one of the great Quarterbacks of all time to ever step on the gridiron.  But, kindly do us (and yourself) all a favor and GO THE FREAK AWAY!!!!!!!  We’re all sick of hearing about you.  Go play golf, go mow the lawn on your John Deere in Mississippi or whatever the heck you do in the offseason and leave us all alone!  All this crap is going to tarnish your legacy.  You’re annoying now!!!!!!!  Is that what you want people to remember?  Your annoyances rather than your accomplishments?!?  GO AWAY!!!!!

Lions = The Next Cincinnati Bengals?

June 26, 2008

Yep, the first two picks are Marinelli guys alright!  They have character, apparently not the right type of character.  First, Jordon Dizon is standing trial for DUI, and now Gosder Cherilus has been sentenced to 1 year probation for a brawl in Boston before the draft.

Great job, Millen and Marinelli.  Way to go in your “changing the face and character of the organization”!

Go pound the rock elsewhere, morons!

Another Millen Draft Blunder

June 24, 2008

Ah yes!  Another Millen Draft blunder.  Were you surprised?  This time, it could be proven a blunder WELL BEFORE the 2008 2nd round draft pick even hits the field in the fall.  As if it was already a blunder in question due to Dizon’s size.

Let’s take a look at the obvious blunders of the first 2 rounds of Millen’s draft resume:

1st Round
2002 Joey Harrington (BUST, has a great piano career)
2003 Charles Rogers (BUST)
2004 Roy Williams (Wants out after his contract is over)
2004 Kevin Jones (BUST, but might be great on another team [figures])
2005 Mike Williams (Worst draft pick EVER)
2006 Ernie Sims (So Far So Good)
2007 Calvin Johnson (So Far So Good, still unknown)
2008 Gosder Cherilus (Very Questionable at the spot he was picked)

2nd round
2002 Kalimba Edwards (GONE)
2003 Boss Bailey (GONE)
2004 Teddy Lehman (GONE)
2005 Shaun Cody (So far, a bust)
2006 Daniel Bullocks (So far, injury prone)
2007 Drew Stanton (Injury prone)
2007 Ikaika Alama-Francis (Not played much yet)
2007 Gerald Alexander (Has played much, taking Daniel Bullocks’s spot perhaps?)

And now we go to the 2nd round draft pick of 2008.  I admit, I felt that this draft was a draft that addressed NEEDS.  The questionability of whether or not certain players were drafted by the Lions higher than they should’ve been drafted is extremely legitimate.  But now, Jordon Dizon could be serving jail time.  Jordon Dizon’s DUI happened 6 DAYS BEFORE THE DRAFT…and Millen drafts him anyways!!!!! (Link to article on MLive: http://blog.mlive.com/highlightreel/2008/06/report_lions_rookie_lb_dizon_c.html)  Dizon has been officially charged and will stand trial in October.

The one thing that is hopeful is his alchohol level was only .097,  which is .017 above the legal limit.  But who knows how lenient the Colorado judicial system is or isn’t.  Dizon is definitely not a “STAR”, so he won’t get the Hollywood treatment either.

We know how Rod Marinelli is about character.  Is this another “we must cut him because of his character” thing?  If this happens, this makes yet another 1st day draft blunder by Millen.

It’s getting old!!!!